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LifeWatch & EMODnet Biology QC tool

Welcome to the LifeWatch and EMODnet Biology data quality control tool. This tool allows you to assess to what extend a dataset published on an IPT or a DwC-A file meets the EMODnet Biology Data Quality Criteria. Provide the URL to the homepage of the IPT resource in the field 'Link to IPT resource' and press load. This may take a few minutes for large (+100k occurrence records) datasets. Then navigate through the different tabs above to get detailed QC information, or press the download button to resolve the issues later. The tab about specifies which QC checks are carried out, and which QC checks are planned to be included.

To share a report you can use 'http://rshiny.lifewatch.be/BioCheck/?baseurl=' + <URL to your IPT> + '&resource=' + <shortname of the resource>. So for example http://rshiny.lifewatch.be/BioCheck/?baseurl=http://ipt.vliz.be/training&resource=biofun_2009